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    My name is Andris Lusis, my adult sons Martins and Nick and I are the owners of this apiary. We can say that it is a real Lusis apiary (Lūsis - in translation Lynx) in Vidzeme. Every year I have worked hard to expand the apiary. The apiary is located near the picturesque Lake Burtnieki, in the northern part of Latvia - in the Northern Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve. Distance to Riga 120 kilometers, to Valga 70 kilometers, to Tallinn 250 kilometers.

    A bit of history. I acquired the first 6 families of bees in 1998. Every year he worked hard to expand the apiary. Since 2009 we have been members of the beekeeping community. Thanks to a restructuring project written in 2006, we were able to purchase a large electric honey extractor and equip rooms for honey pumping. In 2013, we started replacing old, heavy hives with lighter, more compact, multi-hives. In connection with the replacement, it became possible to take the apiary to the collection point: to linden groves, buckwheat and heather fields. That is why we can offer a variety of types of honey to our regular and new customers.

    We pack all the collected honey ourselves and sell it at fairs and city holidays in Latvia and Estonia.